Charlton House Hotel


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For a man hanging in the den of a dragon, making people nervous, Duncan Bannatyne seems surprisingly eager to please. Right inside the front door of Charlton House, and in all bedrooms, is a photograph of the new owner of the hotel, the Dragon, over a customer service statement that begins “if you are happy with Charlton House, I say about it, I wonder, if not satisfied with Charlton House tell me about it – I’d really like to know. ”

And please do not go running to TripAdvisor, might have added. Bannatyne is having a well-publicized row with this powerful web site from a disparaging review, comparing Charlton House in Fawlty Towers, appeared last year (since removed). Like many other hoteliers and restaurateurs who is furious that includes revisions TripAdvisor defamatory, much to the detriment of the hotels, and religion has the right to reply to have their managers answer almost every post, either free (most ) or not.

Charlton House is the jewel in the crown of Bannatyne’s hotel. Its core business is still health clubs over 60 after his nursing homes and in front of them, ice cream vans who made his fortune material. Charlton House purchased last year after falling into administration.

His disappearance, before rescue by Bannatyne, was immediate: in the nineties and early millennium, it was an oft-repeated direction, creating Mulberry founder Roger and Monty Saul. Today, the surrounding “country house meets’m” looking still has much to recommend it, but most definitely needs updating and renewal of some sensitive (some already has passed).