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Gluten free restaurant options in Los Angeles

The variety of gluten free restaurants in Los Angeles is amazing. From baked goods to pizza, the possibilities are endless for anyone needing to restrict gluten in their diet.

If you are looking for a sweet treat the Breakaway Bakery is your answer. They offer a full assortment of baked goods that are organic and gluten free. The menu includes cupcakes, cookies, bar, brownies, and cakes.

Evo Kitchen in West Hollywood is a small family owned eatery that offers a wide variety of gluten free pizza options. They are known for their BBQ Chicken Pizza and they even have a selection of gluten free beers.

The M Cafe offers a location on Melrose Avenue and one in Beverly Hills. The cafe offers a variety of deli salads and sushi. They even offer their sandwiches on brown rice tortillas.

If you want to check out a great wine bar and grill you can head to Seasons 52 in Costa Mesa. They specialize in offering entrees that are less than 475 calories, but they also offer a full menu of gluten free items.

Have you been craving macaroni and cheese, but have not found a good gluten free option? Look no further than The Misfit in Santa Monica. When dining there just make a request for gluten free options and they will give you options for most items on the menu. For their macaroni and cheese they use brown rice pasta.

For a quick bite to eat visit one of the Taco Mesa locations throughout the Los Angeles area. All of their gluten free items are marked on their large menu board when ordering which makes it easy to make your selection.

These are just a few of the many gluten free restaurants in Los Angeles, so take time to explore each one. There are many more great bakeries, restaurants, and even markets throughout the city that will help you meet your dietary needs.