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In the surrounding region dry and dusty, Karonga is a relaxed little town with wide streets and pastoralists. It is the first city and the last on the road between Malawi and Tanzania, and has some good facilities, including the only bank in the north of Mzuzu.

New South Wales is a vibrant place where history is alive and Welsh culture finds new forms of expression. The mixture of tradition and sophistication rebellious New World is one of the greatest assets of Wales today. The male voice choirs can still keep a welcome in the valleys, but an alternative culture flourishes in urban centers such as Cardiff a healthy dose of hedonism oozes from gourmet kitchens and hip hotels and a strong motive environmental awareness is based on country-sighted perspective.

Wales remains an open area, excellent: grab the hiking boots or a mountain bike and head of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park with its stunning scenery and the coast road, or lost in the onslaught of waves, beaches and limestone cliffs that sweep of the Gower Peninsula. You can visit the villages with tongue-twisting names before settling into a cozy pub with a pint of local beer in Brecon Beacons, or join the adrenaline junkies in search of the ultimate adventure in Llandudno – Welsh style.
Wales is a place that becomes an obsession, calling back year after year its visitors with its friendly people, good food, extraordinary landscapes, white-knuckle adventures and admirably green credentials. These are the marks of a country looking firmly towards a promising future.


It is a curious observation about travel to Oman that the time to put behind a sand dune and start up your tent, however, discreetly, someone will park on the side and start camping too. No matter who is the only car I’ve seen all day, no matter that there are 2,700 kilometers of empty beaches, no matter what the mountains are just the parts that wolves and hedgehogs only bend at night, and never mind that memories of Thesiger are the evocations of life only to issue from the dunes of the Empty Quarter-the one car per day and find his next camp.

What makes this particular observation today is that a relatively short time that a network of highways and roads gradual, as the road from the coast of Shwaymiyah filim, track or mountain adventure in the ancient tombs in Gaylah, has possible to enter Oman’s unspoiled and most visited loved. Muscat has been a hub port for many years, and today is the culmination of everything from products to cruise ships. In the Sharqiya region you will discover some of the main attractions of Oman, as well as the beautiful beaches of South implantation sites of turtles in Ras Al-Jinz and dunes of the Sharqiya desert (Wahiba) Sands.

Those who are bold enough to get off the beaten track will find that the desert can be very easily themselves without mounting a major expedition. Now that the secret to a great unspoiled beauty of Oman, however, probably will not be long before that group visits are a common sight and no longer necessary to seek the company of strangers, at the end of the exploration of a days.
Meanwhile, what would you tell people happy camper parks in ‘their space’? Like all Omani hospital will match on your travels will tell you, there is only one answer: “Ahlan wa salan Welcome! ‘


Forget the frivolities of Hollywood, Madagascar is like nowhere else on earth. In fact, all things considered, hardly qualifies as part of Africa: the two are separated by hundreds of miles of sea and 165 million years of evolution – long enough for plants and animals of Madagascar to become some of the strangest forms on the planet. Nowhere else can see over 70 varieties of lemurs, including one that sounds like a police siren, chameleons largest and smallest of the world, and the last on hold elephant bird, the largest bird ever ever. About Ifaty south of Madagascar, you will see the forests of gnarled and thorny “pop” trees and in the west, marvel at the bottle-shaped baobab trees, especially in the Avenue du Boabab near Morondava.

And be on the look out for the carnivorous pitcher plant found around Ranomafana, more than 60 varieties of them. Not for nothing is considered priority.And Madagascar’s world number one conservation people are no less interesting: arriving here about 2000 years ago along the Indian Ocean trade routes, growing rice in paddies terraces, and speak a language that has more in common with its origins in Southeast Asia than Africa. Their culture is full of taboos and magic, caves, waterfalls, imbue animals and even some physical objects with supernatural attributes. Mountain people live in traditional brick houses with carved balconies several stories, and in some areas, dance with their dead ancestors in the ‘turning of the bones of the ceremony.

Throw in a little history of pirates, the coast full of shipwrecks, great cuisine, some of the world’s longest name place, and people unfailingly polite and friendly, and enjoy a refreshing take on excess “only” tag.

The small town of Ankify is the main port for ships and ferries between the coast of Madagascar and Nosy Be. If you make the journey from Nosy Be too late, and can not find a minibus to Diego Suarez, will have to spend the night. The last taxi leaves brousse Diego around 11, since no one wants to drive at night.


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommends that all nonessential travel to some areas may consult with their national government in the matter.

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After nearly two decades of war, Liberia, a country lush rainforested covered through the southern flank of West Africa – appears to have finally found a break. With the first woman president in Africa at the head, peace, while still fragile, is taking place and Liberians have been launched with enthusiasm to the task of rebuilding their shattered land.

If Liberia is stabilized and open for travel, intrepid adventurers who offer a fascinating insight into what was previously a wonderfully hospitable society, enigmatic and fascinating. The artistic traditions of Liberia – especially carved masks, dance and storytelling – rivaled those of any place on the continent, and traditional culture was strong. This was especially true in the interior, where initiation secret societies played a central role in growth, and still serve as important reservoirs of traditional knowledge and life skills. For now, most of this cultural wealth remains inaccessible to visitors, and travel independently outside the capital Monrovia in the country is not considered safe.

Dense forests of Liberia, wet, some of the largest in West Africa – are alive with the chirping and singing of hundreds of birds, which are maintained by the company of forest elephants, pygmy hippos and other species filling wildlife throughout the forest floor. Along the coast, deserted white sandy beaches alternate with river deltas and tidal wetlands quiet lagoons, while increasing the interior of the plateau green mountains on the border of Ivory Coast and Guinea.

Although the situation is definitely looking up, it is advisable to obtain updated information on local security conditions before their plans.