Paraguay is a country of fascinating contrasts. It is rustic and sophisticated. It is extremely poor and obscenely rich. It has exotic nature reserves and large man-made dams. It is a place where horses and carts to carry forward for Mercedes Benz, artisans workshops confronted with glitzy shopping malls and the Jesuit ruins in rural villages near Encarnación are a few kilometers from sophisticated colonial cities such as Asunción. Torrid subtropical forest with metallic butterflies contrast with the dry border and wild northern Paraguay and the Chaco. Here, many Mennonites have created their haven, living alongside some of the many indigenous groups in the country, while European influence is particularly strong in the quiet villages, such as Philadelphia and more chaotic capital.

Surprisingly, the backpackers are rarer than pumas in Paraguay, but the journey is always a gift-able – whether on a bus trip of bone kamikaze-style noise or slow waddle to the Paraguay River aboard a rickety boat. While the Paraguayans are more accustomed to visits by their immediate neighbors, which is relaxed, friendly and curious to anyone – share a tereré (iced herbal tea) and will be taught the secrets of his country attractive. The residual effects of dictators, corruption and smuggling contributes to a general feeling that, for many years, much of the Paraguayan life has taken place behind closed doors, as their people to participate in public protests with confidence.

Incarnation is a cut-rate shopping center, the heart of the Paraguayan Carnival and the gateway to the nearby Jesuit ruins of Trinidad and Jesus. The old town used to run in the lowlands near the river. When the next resumption of Yacyretá was built, businesses and offices were moved to higher ground in preparation for the flooding that was (and still is) to occur.
Years later, the floodgates have not yet been opened. He currently occupies the old town, decaying public buildings is a massive tacky bazaar. Amid the chaos is the Municipal Market Fair, ideal for a cheap meal. On higher ground, the modern city pleasant and functional features shops, a place very nice and modern facilities.

Punta Cana to Puerto Plata

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Kuwait, home to one of the oldest and most corners of the world-disputed, is best described as a city-state. The growing capital, Kuwait City, is like a magnet: in fact, has been attracting people from within the Bedouin of Arabia, in search of the sea breeze and an escape from recurrent drought, for centuries. Today the metropolis remains an oasis in a land of desert plains, but rather the cultural and epicurean. Excellent museums, a corniche adorned with extravagant hairstyles beaches and restaurants, modern shopping complexes and marinas, and long, lazy retreats at new beach mark the experience of Kuwait City. West of the city of Kuwait is Al Jahara, unfortunately, known for the violence that took place there Iraqi troops retreated during the Gulf War.

Enter a project to build glitzy and another is almost possible to overlook the invasion of Iraq – almost but not quite. A decade has passed, but the Kuwaitis still smarting from the devastating experience and there are many visible reminders of the war (high security around hotels and museums dedicated to the invasion). As such, it is surprising to find that there is little overt animosity between the Kuwaitis and their northern neighbors.

Outside Kuwait City there are few attractions, except in the stations along the coast. The tourist development of the historic island of Failaka is still in the planning stage, desert plains are engaged in oil drilling and, with the exception of Mutla Ridge, there are few distinctive landforms. That said, there is always something to see in a desert, with a little patience and an eye for detail when it comes to the issue of camping ritual, the people of Kuwait have many points of both.


With its historic triple towers is on a ledge clean, accessible, world-class aquarium and some excellent museums, stunning pieces of architecture sea and land, malls and markets to please the most discerning of buyers or eclectic and a selection of restaurants to whet the appetite of the fussiest palates, Kuwait City is a sophisticated and interesting destination in its own right. Add to its monuments and a layer terrible modern history, the effects resonate invisible under the surface, and not enough to keep everyone, but Old Avatar dedicated intrigued by several days.


Of his influences from North Africa and Arabic (listen carefully to the local language) in the Sicilian-inspired cuisine, Malta is a microcosm of the Mediterranean. Few European countries have concentrated this background architecture, and, yes, beaches in so small an area.

There has been an eclectic mix of influences and the roll call of rulers over the centuries, but had no doubt: Malta is not just a nominal place in Italy or a relic of colonial Britain. This island nation (all of 316 square miles of it, comprising the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino) has a unique character all their own. From prehistoric temples, baroque architecture of Valletta, the feasts of rabbit to festas noisy fireworks, rattling buses colorful fishing boats, this nation has lots of charm.

When the Unesco World Heritage granted to Valletta, called it “one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world” wee Malta’s capital, and the city is certainly known for its fortifications and architectural excellence. Activity boils Triq go around and Triq il-Repubblika Merkanti, but walking through the quiet narrow streets, back to get a feel for daily life. The city overlooks the stunning Grand Harbour to the Port of Marsamxett southeast and northwest.
Elegant, aristocratic Mdina (Silent City aptly named) is perched on a rocky promontory to the southwest. Fortified by more than 3000 years old was the political center of Malta, today’s visitors can spend hours wandering the narrow streets and quiet. Rabat is the solution of the city outside the walls.