Surfers’ New Paradise

surfer girlsA world first wave pool is scheduled to be built on the Gold Coast thanks to an agreement between a company owned Kelly Slater and more global fund manager of coastal development of nine billion dollars Maddison Estate. The pool sits on a park surf prototype proposed by LM Investment Management and could sit in the residential community of 118 hectares, designed according to the company has planned for the coast.

If successful, it will provide a “utopia” for surfers to 20 kilometers from the beach, and could pip Ipswich to the post for the first continuous wave into the world. LM Project director Luke Barnett said the company had signed a memorandum of

“Stay Maddison has land and infrastructure needed to successfully integrate this important tourist attraction in the development,” he said.” It is a victory for surfers and a victory for the Gold Coast. “Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale has also expressed interest in building the tourist attraction of several million dollars in your region.

Mr Barnett said consistency would be the biggest drawcard wave park and was attractive enough to compete with the real deal breaks that first made the famous coastline. Maddison residential community located in the northern corridor of the Gold Coast growth and the project is being delivered by LM on behalf of investors in the funds LM.

Kelly Slater Wave Company is a technology and licensing surf destination founded by world champion surfer Kelly Slater in 2006.


Smoking Volcano Conception and place of ash with almost perfect silver, pure Lake Nicaragua to pierce the cloudy sky. “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes in fact, we think, like the waves of Cocibolca (the old Indian name of this” Mar Dulce “) of rock suddenly his tight little in awe unspeakable. To these symbols of the nation, the wind on water, the fire of the earth – to convey the meaning of the elemental passions of Nicaragua’s most powerful, poetry (not set them up, unless you want) and the revolution.

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If you climb Concepción you will look over beautiful colonial Granada and its hundreds of small tropical islands (islets), through the thin isthmus dotted with crater lakes where the Pacific breaks gap in the cove beaches. Beyond, red and black Momotombo Volcano towers over Lake Managua – its counterpoint is the massive iron silhouette of Sandino, conscience of the nation and solemn function that defines the horizon of Managua. Proud León also beckons with its churches and museums, while the cloud forests, sparkling waterfalls and amazing coffee and fresh green in northern Nicaragua can tempt up. Here in the mountains and lakes, the mightiest rivers of Central America begin their journey through the autonomous, indigenous ownership of the hills of the Caribbean coast to the sea.

For visitors of a certain age, only the name of Nicaragua – taken from a tribal chief of the wisdom and power that can never disappear from the collective memory of this nation – evokes grainy images of guerrillas dressed in camouflage, dotted with features and soundtrack of 1980. Despite having completed more than 15 years, leaving one of the safest countries in the Americas, Nicaragua, the Contra war is all too often our collective memory of the land of Nicarao.



Flick through the brochures bright and topics are thick and fast. Malawi is “the warm heart of Africa” or “Africa for beginners”, and the lake the lake of stars. Everything seems too good to be true, but, with breathtaking scenery and varied and very friendly local people, together with the relative ease of travel here, Malawi really live up to expectations.

Great attraction is Lake Malawi: a magnificent piece of crystal clear water stretches some 500 kilometers from Malawi’s eastern border, separating it from the wild and mountainous coast of Mozambique and Tanzania. Pepper isolated villages of northern lake and Liwonde National Park lies at its southern end. About 500 species of fish inhabit the freshwater lake and diving and snorkeling are excellent. Malawi is not only for water babies and sun, though, there is much here to stay active and Malawi’s landscape is surprisingly diverse. None of the heights of Mount Mulanje fog or Nyika National Park, which offers steep cliffs, dramatic peaks, endless rolling grasslands and some of the nicest walking trails throughout the African continent.

Many travelers just pass through the country for a couple of days, the intention of racing across Africa, places of interest ‘bigger’. This is a shame, since Malawi has much to offer. Take time to explore the desert highlands, diving and swimming in the warm waters of the lake, or simply enjoy the vibrant local flavor and you’re sure to find yourself seduced.


In the surrounding region dry and dusty, Karonga is a relaxed little town with wide streets and pastoralists. It is the first city and the last on the road between Malawi and Tanzania, and has some good facilities, including the only bank in the north of Mzuzu.


The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against all travel to be Syria and those in the country out by commercial media. Please ask your government for more information.

Syria has more than its fair share of important historical sites. The ancient cities of Damascus, Aleppo and Bosra are all listed on the World Heritage List as a stunningly beautiful city is the ruins of Palmyra. Mighty Crusader castles, labyrinthine souks of medieval jewelry, like the houses of Damascus and sacred Umayyad mosques are just some of the delights on offer, there are many more for those who are willing to look. Best of all is the fact that these monuments are often part of the fabric of everyday life – the cult of the local mosques, shopping in markets, drinking tea houses and picnic in the ruins. And travelers are happy to be added.

Speaking of picnics brings us to the piece de resistance when it comes to a Syrian and Journ – food. The national cuisine is simply superb, so come with a big appetite. You are required to be filled in many ways when they finally tear away.


Tartus, Syria’s second port, is a small, ungainly that it is unlikely to set pulses racing, but what makes for a visit pleasant overnight. Main attraction of the city are the compact remnants of the Old City (known by the Crusaders in Tortosa), a fascinating little maze. There is also the island once fortified Arwad, located offshore a few miles and arrive by boat or water taxi. Syrian Tartus love for its beaches, but visitors brave enough to pick through the trash in the sand and swim to take into account the occasional dribble of sewage into the sea.