Few countries have a tourism image for full of clichés, such as Ireland. From shamrocks and leprechauns in Shillelagh, lovable rogues and 40 shades of green, there are plenty of cliches to wade through before the fight on the ground in the real Ireland.

But it is worth looking beyond tourism Community, by the Emerald Isle (sorry, not going back) is one of the jewels of Europe, a large performing arts of lake, mountain, sea and sky, which is still great enough to provide a jaw drop despite the best efforts of developers in the scar some of the most beautiful parts with tight rows of villas. From the loneliness, the wind swept desert peoples Donegal port postcard of County Cork, there are countless opportunities to get outside and explore, either surfing beach breaks of Bundoran, the cycle of the coast County Antrim, or walk through mountains of Kerry and Connemara.

There are also cultural delights, of course, in the land of Joyce and Yeats, U2 and The Undertones. Dublin, Cork and Belfast have world-class restaurants, the party-in pubs and a scene walking on foot live music while you can track jam sessions of traditional Irish music pub in places like Galway, Doolin, and Killarney. And there is a wealth of history to discover, from the numerous medieval castles and the first Christian monasteries to the powerful political murals of Belfast and Derry, and one of the largest concentrations of prehistoric monuments in Europe.

So enjoy the Guinness by all means, but put aside the forest of clubs for something and try to get a view of reality Ireland.



Of course it has deadly spiders, snakes and sharks, but not stop people from coming here, no matter who live here. And for good reason. From the prehistoric gorges of Kakadu National Park, with the white sails of the Sydney Opera House, Australia is a country as big your imagination. Relax on a beach as white as the wedding dress of her mother in Western Australia, lost in the labyrinthine streets of the culture-rich Melbourne or be humbled by more than the red desert sunsets over Uluru. Turn south to visit hundred year old giants loom large in the forests of Tasmania or take in Sydney, a heady mix of surf, sun, money and sex, and you will soon realize Australia is a place to be discovered, was not afraid to

The locals seem to be cursed with an insatiable yen for the unknown and often are inclined to it, the run for weeks, months even, in this huge place in the center called the Outback. And it’s a great off-again, you can travel indefinitely without coming within cooee of a phone call or an email. Nuts instead, must comply with changing landscapes of saffron ocher under a continuous canopy of Indian deep. And then there are the ancient indigenous cultures, salt pans, reptiles dazzling secrets, canyons and gorges rough cut blank. Some Australians, simply going to walk through the national parks full of evil creatures like koalas, kangaroos weasels and knee. Other whiz heritage rainforests throughout the world on mountain bike or apply the strings in the limbs, plaster hands, really tiny shorts in their nether regions and the scale of high summits like bronze supported by insects . And some just are released into the sky with parachutes strapped to their backs.

Then there are the Australians who feel pangs of separation, if away from the coast. So do not. The golden tones permanent sports, take languid air and bring smiles outright. They glue themselves surfboards, kayaks and boats and the surf Loli hours (days even!). As if this were not enough, go to the Whitsundays (Queensland), the Ningaloo Reef (WA) or the Great Barrier Reef great (Queensland) and spend some time underwater defense kaleidoscopic marine life, sharks colossal whale, dolphins and giant turtles naughty.a Good place to stay against very reasonable prices would be Palm Royale Cairns with comfortable kingsize beds ,good value there check    for good value deals
Fortunately, this beautiful country is not free of urban havens, and their dizzying cities find people who enjoy healthy delicacies. Rather than risking their lives fighting in the mountains of Australia, that litter the beaches like seals in a coma, reluctant to move unless emergency dictates. Or fill bars with huge beer gardens and focus all their energy in the biceps curl liter / schooner. Look hours of sport and have a lot of knowledge about most of the games, without having them played. Of course, the metropolis of Australia also offer glorious ways to wrap your head around the culture of the country in countless museums, theaters, festivals and galleries. A solid study of the bars and restaurants are powerless population addiction to coffee, seafood, organic and world cuisine, the wine industry and delights the most demanding connoisseurs around the world


Beautiful Burundi has been ravaged by a generation of ethnic conflict, but with the advent of peace, this charming country may at last be able to put his dark past to rest. A small nation some very high mountains and languid lakeside communities, Burundi is among the African giants of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Tanzania. The scenery is breathtaking and the warm welcome, and can return to begin receiving a trickle of passengers the word out that the war is over.

Steam capital, Bujumbura, is centrally located on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, on the outskirts of the city are some of the best beaches in the interior of the continent. Ask the old hands on Burundi, Africa before the war, and is the kind of place watery eyes go on and refer us to the lives of the Lotus-eaters. Unfortunately there has been a lotus food for most Burundians for over a decade of violence.

Many of the attractions inside the country have been off limits for years, but the stunning scenery and the warmth of the Burundian compensated more. Choosing the source of the Nile south, the ancient forest of Kibira National Park or the place where Stanley was reputed to have uttered the eternal words of Dr. Livingstone, I presume? ‘.
Tensions between tribes have ravaged the country since independence in 1962, and there is always a chance things could get going again. It is a young peace, so be sure to do your homework before embarking on an adventure in Burundi.

Island of Paradise

BaliIsland of Paradise. Bali is an Indonesian island famous worldwide and known as the “Island of the Gods”. With this moniker, it’s hard to resist a trip up there and see the wonders that lie this mystical Indonesian vacation destination in the archipelago that runs between the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Beaches, palm trees, springs, forests and established customs of peoples with a culture so different and attractive. Bali is part of a chain of islands east to Lombok starts and ends at the west end, with Java. At the heart of this set, Bali has an incomparable beauty and delicious tropical climate.

From the center of the island, the hill country extends to the east coast, reaching a peak of 3142 meters on Mount Agung. This elevation is in volcanic activity, but its last eruption was recorded in 1963, and since then is constantly monitored.

Experts say some of the most luxurious hotels in the world are in Bali. With magnificent views of the natural surroundings and all kinds of services including spa, massage, swimming, hiking and local and international cuisine, these enclosures are havens to rest and enjoy a memorable holiday.

Sport is a strong point of the area. Large waves approaching the coast of the island are ideal for surfers, and beaches provide an ideal setting for relaxation. Other water sports like diving and fishing are also privileged in Bali.

Like many islands of enchanting landscapes, Bali has its romantic side. Those who have made the decision to marry, and want a ceremony like no other, this is the place: specialized companies are responsible for making all arrangements for civil and religious weddings, including costumes, hairstyles, makeup, photography , catering, cake and more.